Thursday, 27 August 2015

Best cologne for men to Attract Women

Each and every man around want to impress and attract the women they love or they know. Now, when it comes down to the beauty regime of men then it is a known fact that they do least about their look as well as appearance. They shave, dress up well and want to smell delicious. Men tend to believe that women are attracted by smells that are irresistible and they are to a large extent not wrong. Finding that one irresistible scent from so many scents available in the market can be a tough task. So, detailed list of the best from the list becomes very important.

 But before we jump in to producing our readers the exclusive list of the best men’s cologne to attract women, it is important to know what makes the best smelling cologne for men that will attract the women around. There are various contents which is important in a scent to make it irresistible, like the way it smells. Normally, it is seen that masculine scents are very popular these days. More and more women love the sensual feel that the masculine fragrances give away. Longevity is also a criterion, why? Because the scent that goes away after sometime can be turn off because it tends to leave the body with the original body odor that might not be liked by many. On the other hand those scents that has the power to leave behind mild dew after the main scent slowly goes away are loved by the women.  
In this article we will bring about 5 fragrances that have been preferred by the women all over and are considered the best colognes to attract women. So, without any further ado let’s get down to the business of the finding the best from the rest.
  1. Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier for Men
As mentioned above women love the masculine fragrances and this particular scent defines masculinity in every dash of it. It is considered one of the top colognes for men. The scent is a mixture of romantic, manliness and sensuality. The way in which the bottle is designed gives away the clear impression that the scent is best. If you are a confident man then this for you and as we know women are attracted towards confident men. The unique character that the scent has in it makes it the best choice.
Opening notes: Mint, bergamot and lavender.
Middle notes: Cinnamon, orange blossom and cumin.
Bottom notes: Vanilla, Tonka bean, sandalwood and cedar.
Perfect for: All purposes.
Customer reviews: Long lasting, sensual, perfect for confident men and the bottle is interesting.
  1. L’homme Yves Saint Laurent by Yves Saint Laurent for Men
This particular fragrance is a famous creation from the house of Yves Saint Laurent. The unique blend of woody, musk and floral notes makes this scent one of the best smelling cologne for men. The scent further has freshness that gives this particular scent a character of its own. It defines the various side and personality that a man has and the fragrance tends to give a beautiful smell once it starts drying down. This sensual fragrance is known to attract women’s attention in many folds. It is an oriental fragrance that is a must have in the collection.
Opening notes: Lemon, bergamot and ginger. 
Heart notes: Basil, white pepper, assorted spices and violet leaf.
Bottom notes: Cedar,Tonka bean and Tahitian vetiver.
Perfect for: All throughout the day.
Customer reviews: Good silage and longevity, sensual, keeps energetic all throughout the day and perfect for romantic gateways and dates
  1. Guess Seductive Men by Guess
Here is another scent that is widely known for the power it holds in regards to attracting women. It is both romantic as well as sensual. The scent is one of the best smelling cologne for men available in the market these days. It can fetch the individual wearing this fragrance multiple compliments. If you are in search of seductive perfume then this is what you should get.
Opening notes: Mandarin pulp, pink pepper and cardamom milk
Middle notes: Vetiver, vanilla orchid and violet leaf.
Bottom notes: Amber, sandalwood, patchouli and musk.
Perfect for: Evenings and night.
Customer reviews: It attracts women, great longevity, makes you feel confident, it is fresh, for the men who are charming and boots up the personality.
The above cologne mentioned in the list is the best when it comes to the men’s cologne that attracts women. The list has been specifically made keeping in mind the cologne reviews left by the previous customers.
To know more details, you can visit the and aware more information about the different perfumes. 

Friday, 21 August 2015

Best Colognes for the Office List

When things come down to selecting the best cologne for men then the choice can get a bit difficult because the choice is so big and wide. There are colognes which are perfect for date, some of them are good for outdoors, and there is other lot of perfumes which is good for evenings and there are the board meeting ones. Now, decide for yourself, which will go the best with the lot? Difficult isn’t it? Well, the reason behind such a logic is simple the attire a man tends to wear in every other occasions. 

Have you ever seen a person wearing the same dress for a lunch date and an evening date? You won’t ever because every other occasion deserves a bit of sincerity both in what you wear and how you smell. Unlike women the beauty regime of men are pretty limited. They take a shower and shave and they wear a dapper outfit. Now, the whole look isn’t complete if they fail to smell irresistible or delicious. Take for example office where a man might be suited but he has that X factor over his colleagues when his women colleagues hush behind his back exclaiming “oh he smells so good”! Fragrances for men which are perfect for the office purposes are found in abundant in the market. But choosing the best of the lot can get a bit tough. So, to provide the prospective buyers some idea we bring the list of the best cologne for men.
  1. New York 'Wall Street' Eau de Parfum
The name of the fragrance itself says all about the scent. The scent smells so much like dollars, Wall Street and securities in every dab of it. The zesty tinge that the perfume gives away shows how a broker should smell. It has the coolness and the confidence that an office guy holds. If you are somebody who is on the go and is always ready on his toe to show the world of what mantle he is made then this is the scent you need to get. The scent is a mix of citrus, spices, herbal notes and aqua; it means the scent is for the guy who rocks the board meeting every time he presents a presentation.
            Opens to: Ambergris, Veviter and Ozone
            Heart gives away: Marine Notes, Lavender and Musks
            Base forms with: Cucumbers and Sea Kale
            Perfect for: It is made for the day, whole of it.
            Customer Reviews: All day perfume, appreciated by the ladies and smells real good.
  1. Hermes Narcisse
Ever felt free back in office? We understand office is all about stress, pressure, workload, appraisals and escalations but ever thought what will make the whole experience worth the time? Well, the answer is simple some appreciation and confidence that among all these tensions you smell like the man you are inside. This particular scent from the house of Hermes is one such to keep in your collection. It is fresh. Period, and has the bounce and feel of orange. The wood accord and the narcissi make it the free-spirited scent that every other office going individual wants to have. It is for those people who challenge very other thing with his power of logic say for example a Lawyer.
            Opens with: Narcissus
            Base is made with: Woods
            Perfect for: Both day and night
Customer Reviews: Ladies love this scent, amazing, classic and exotic and smells good on men.
  1. Ralph Lauren Polo Red Eau de Toilette Spray
This scent is inspired for the adventurous men who like challenges and office is no better than a challenging situation. This scent is both bold as well as seductive and is considered one of the best smelling cologne. The scent mixes up with saffron that gives it a powerful smell and red grapefruit which makes the cologne a desired one. This is a long lasting smell that makes it even better. It is made for people who are always surrounded by people or say co-workers.
            Opens to: Italian cedrat, red grapefruit and cranberry
            Heart gives away: Red sage and lavandin,
            Base forms with: Coffee berry and Amber
            Perfect for: All day long.  
            Customer Reviews: fetches compliments, great for the crowd and long lasting.
The products that are mentioned above are the best cologne for men which makes in to the office list. But there isn’t any hard and fast rule that men can’t wear these perfumes for any other purpose or occasions. So, if too are thinking to buy any colognes that can easily match up to the style of the office person you are then you should definitely consider the ones mentioned in the above list. To know more check the site.

Friday, 14 August 2015

The Best Colognes for Men List

What is the first thing that comes up in your mind when somebody mentions the words “best cologne for young men”? Well, Most of you might agree with the fact that the common accompaniments that young men like to find these days in their cologne are the way the same smells, its long lasting capacity and silage. But to be true all these things are not that easy to find in single cologne. Still there are colognes available in the market that is best suited to fall in the category of best colognes for young men.
In this article we will provide our reader with an idea about which colognes are the best for the young crowd. The paragraphs mentioned below will contain the colognes that have been appreciated by the customers all over. The list is based on the cologne reviews left by the customers who have used the same.

  1. Cool Water By Davidoff
This particular fragrance from David off had first hit the market in the year of 1988 and since then has been ruled as one of the best cologne for men. As it is a well known fact that young men are energetic, full of life and take life as an adventure and this particular scent is based on this particular concept. But there is no hard and fast rule that only men of certain ages can wear this fresh scent but it is suited for men of all ages. The scent represents its name its and it exactly feels like the splash. It is ideal for the men who loves adventure and enjoys being on a run. The frgarance has all the things that are needed in a particular scent but at the same time it is advised by the manufacturer to buy it from a recognized buyer or else you will end up getting a knock off.
Blends:  It is a mix of Jasmine, oak moss, sandalwood and musk which gives it the perfect freshness.
Perfect for: Daytime
Customer reviews: Great smell, Long lasting and fetches compliment.
  1. Fierce by Abercrombie and Fitch:
If you are in search of a fragrance that is particularly made for the young men then fierce by Abercrombie and Fitch is the perfect thing that will suit you. The scent was brought for the audience in the year of 2002 and is quite a fascination among the young crowds. The scent is made by some of the famous perfumers of some well-known designer houses who have a name when it comes to making scents. The cologne is a unique combination of various scents that makes it even more desirable. It is preferred by the young crowd such as, college and high school students.
Blends: The freshness and the spicy tinge in the cologne are provided by the top note of cardamom, petitgrain, lemon, fir and orange.
The middle notes of the cologne are: lily-of-the-valley, jasmine, rosemary and rose.
The base notes are: oakmoss, musk, Brazilian rosewood and vetiver which give it the sensual and masculine fragrance.
Perfect for: Daytime.
Customer reviews: Smells fresh and sensual, compliment fetcher, loved by women.
  1. Emporio Armani Diamonds by Giorgio Armani
When you talk about class and fashion then the first company that makes a mark in this field is the designer house of Giorgio Armani. This particular scent from the designer house of Giorgio Armani is a famous scent in the business. The scent was introduced to the world in the year of 2008 and comes in bottle that is to die for. The scent is a combination of serene and sensual fragrances.
Blends: Bergamot, cocoa, vetiver, szechuan pepper, ambroxan, cedar and guaiac wood.
Perfect for: Both day and night.
Customer reviews: Great for a date night, long lasting.
  1. Joop! Homme
The scent first came in to the scene in the year of 1989 and is another entry list of best colognes for young men. The crestor of this smell is the famous Michel Almairac who has even produced some of the famous scents. This is perfect for the young man but still it is great for any age. The scent is a combination of sensual, masculine and oriental fragrances.
Blends: The top notes that are induced in the cologne are mandarin orange, lemon, orange blossom and bergamot.
The middle notes that gives away the warmth and sweetness of jasmine, lily of the valley, cinnamon, cardamom and honeysuckle.
The base notes of the fragrance are sandalwood, musk, patchouli, tonka bean, vanilla, amber and vetiver.
Perfect for: Both day and night.
Customer reviews: Super lasting (stays for about 2 days), smells impressive, date night fragrance and amazing sillage.
  1. Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau Extrême Ch
This is a fragrance from the house of Chanel. It is one of those fragrances that is worth the mention in the list of best fragrance for a young man. It is a quality fragrance that is a mix of spicy, masculine and fresh enticement.
Blends: the fresh in the scent is provided by the top notes of mint, Mandarin orange, sage and cypress.
The middle note that provides the scent with the spicy tinge is that of Black Pepper all the way from Madagascar.
The base notes are loaded with the masculine touch thanks to the notes such as sandalwood, tonka bean, musk and cedar.
Perfect for: Both day and night.
Customer reviews: Great sillage, masculine fragrance, the scent last for a longer period.

These were some of the famous scent that makes up the list of the best colognes for young men. You can visit to know more details about the best cologne for men.  But there are always many other fragrances to choose from and the list is in no way conclusive. If you too are among those men who wants to have a fragrance that defines the young blood they are then this list can be of great help.