Monday, 2 June 2014

Best Men’s Cologne That Women Love

<a href="">Gucci Guilty For Men By GUCCI Review</a>

Gucci Guilty For Men By GUCCI Review

There are just certain colognes that women seem to love. Whether it reminds them of a favorite moment, or the scent just seems to draw them in certain cologne’s seem to have something special added to them. While some men may find themselves switching to different brands, there are some old favorites that women still love.

Colognes that Women Love

 There is nothing wrong with wanting a cologne that will keep women coming back for another sniff, but the fragrance should still compliment a man’s lifestyle and personality. As much as the right fragrance can enhance a romantic evening, the wrong scent can ruin anyone’s carefully laid plans. With so many different colognes to choose from, it can be difficult to find one that captures a woman’s attention and fits the man.

Cool Water by DAVIDOFF

 Since 1988, this refreshing men’s cologne has been delighting the senses of both men and women. With hints of musk and cedar wood, mixed with the cooler scents of mint, lavender, and rosemary, this cologne can make any setting seem intimate and romantic. Sandalwood and jasmine are also included to give this cologne a light and deceptively simple fragrance that is completely masculine.

Lucky You Cologne by Luck Brand

 This light and citrusy cologne is one of the few men’s fragrances that can follow a man throughout his changing life. The warm spicy scent will make women want to sit closer, while the aroma of fresh citrus keeps men feeling energetic and active. A favorite among women of all ages, this men’s cologne can help keep any man’s social calendar constantly filled.

Usher For Men by USHER

 Just as his music is loved by women, so is his very masculine cologne. The warm, rich scent of sandalwood is always enticing, but it becomes even more so with the romantic hints of lavender, verbena and pepper. This cologne is not only masculine, but it is also sensuous and romantic.

 Men must not desire cologne as usual, because women prefer it. Cologne is to be desired following the wearer’s tastes and there is nothing wrong if it happens to be one of the best cologne for men that women feel affection for.