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Best cologne for men to Attract Women

Each and every man around want to impress and attract the women they love or they know. Now, when it comes down to the beauty regime of men then it is a known fact that they do least about their look as well as appearance. They shave, dress up well and want to smell delicious. Men tend to believe that women are attracted by smells that are irresistible and they are to a large extent not wrong. Finding that one irresistible scent from so many scents available in the market can be a tough task. So, detailed list of the best from the list becomes very important.

 But before we jump in to producing our readers the exclusive list of the best men’s cologne to attract women, it is important to know what makes the best smelling cologne for men that will attract the women around. There are various contents which is important in a scent to make it irresistible, like the way it smells. Normally, it is seen that masculine scents are very popular these days. More and more women love the sensual feel that the masculine fragrances give away. Longevity is also a criterion, why? Because the scent that goes away after sometime can be turn off because it tends to leave the body with the original body odor that might not be liked by many. On the other hand those scents that has the power to leave behind mild dew after the main scent slowly goes away are loved by the women.  
In this article we will bring about 5 fragrances that have been preferred by the women all over and are considered the best colognes to attract women. So, without any further ado let’s get down to the business of the finding the best from the rest.
  1. Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier for Men
As mentioned above women love the masculine fragrances and this particular scent defines masculinity in every dash of it. It is considered one of the top colognes for men. The scent is a mixture of romantic, manliness and sensuality. The way in which the bottle is designed gives away the clear impression that the scent is best. If you are a confident man then this for you and as we know women are attracted towards confident men. The unique character that the scent has in it makes it the best choice.
Opening notes: Mint, bergamot and lavender.
Middle notes: Cinnamon, orange blossom and cumin.
Bottom notes: Vanilla, Tonka bean, sandalwood and cedar.
Perfect for: All purposes.
Customer reviews: Long lasting, sensual, perfect for confident men and the bottle is interesting.
  1. L’homme Yves Saint Laurent by Yves Saint Laurent for Men
This particular fragrance is a famous creation from the house of Yves Saint Laurent. The unique blend of woody, musk and floral notes makes this scent one of the best smelling cologne for men. The scent further has freshness that gives this particular scent a character of its own. It defines the various side and personality that a man has and the fragrance tends to give a beautiful smell once it starts drying down. This sensual fragrance is known to attract women’s attention in many folds. It is an oriental fragrance that is a must have in the collection.
Opening notes: Lemon, bergamot and ginger. 
Heart notes: Basil, white pepper, assorted spices and violet leaf.
Bottom notes: Cedar,Tonka bean and Tahitian vetiver.
Perfect for: All throughout the day.
Customer reviews: Good silage and longevity, sensual, keeps energetic all throughout the day and perfect for romantic gateways and dates
  1. Guess Seductive Men by Guess
Here is another scent that is widely known for the power it holds in regards to attracting women. It is both romantic as well as sensual. The scent is one of the best smelling cologne for men available in the market these days. It can fetch the individual wearing this fragrance multiple compliments. If you are in search of seductive perfume then this is what you should get.
Opening notes: Mandarin pulp, pink pepper and cardamom milk
Middle notes: Vetiver, vanilla orchid and violet leaf.
Bottom notes: Amber, sandalwood, patchouli and musk.
Perfect for: Evenings and night.
Customer reviews: It attracts women, great longevity, makes you feel confident, it is fresh, for the men who are charming and boots up the personality.
The above cologne mentioned in the list is the best when it comes to the men’s cologne that attracts women. The list has been specifically made keeping in mind the cologne reviews left by the previous customers.
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