Thursday, 3 September 2015

Tips for picking up the best smelling cologne for men!

An introduction:

Colognes are among the most important components for men and it isn’t about getting a brand new suit, or a pair of wonder full boots, an expensive watch or for that matter a certain type of hair style. The fact of the matter is that most men take their colognes very seriously. They do extensive search and on finding them stick with them for numerous years.
However if say someone is in the market searching for a smell which would go with their regular standby on the weekends, or for that matter who are looking for a different genre of fragrance, then the task could prove to be hectic. It would mean that they would have to go through about millions existing in the market.
This is why we via this section have accumulated some probable best smelling cologne for men options, in order to reduce their burden by some extend. Read the below stanzas to get a clear cut idea;

The top options to employ: (the names have been used as examples and not to promote or advertise)
Not many readers would be aware of this but some of the top-shelf best cologne for men employs woody fragrance. They are considered to be the main pre-requisite and are considered to be extremely masculine in nature also. In simple words they are perfect for male application. Some colognes or scents are so enchanting that on its first smell, everything after wards seems like an undertone. 

Ø  Taking this into account the first in our list of the Lacoste Pure White Eau De Toilette! It is considered by several experts as among the best smelling cologne for men. The fragrance is a beautiful culmination of grapefruit, cedar leaf, cedar wood, vetiver and etc. The fragrance is perfectly suited for both daytime as well as night time application and is perfect for any given corporate as well as social occasion. Hence for those who are looking for top quality men colognes, this one is definitely worth a short.

Ø  The Gucci “ Pour Homme”- This is a well-known fact that whenever we talk about best scents in the world, the name Gucci, one way or another has to be associated with it. It comprises of a rich wood scent with intense fragrance comprising of lots of cedar flavor. It is very masculine and without being over-whelming. The world caters to it and hence with so many good reasons our readers should tend to it also.

Ø  Comme des Garcons “wonder wood”- Another top choice for our readers is this particular one here. The fragrance is a perfect culmination of cedar and sandal wood with a touch of vetiver, patchouli and a touch of cypress. The odor is strong but there is nothing over-powering about it. It can be used for any given occasion without proving to be a problem for the guy or lady standing nearby.

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