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A list of some of the best cologne for men

Finding the best smelling cologne for men can be a daunting task especially if one is a bit picky about his scents. This is one problem which one may find in most men. Apart from that another problem is that with so many options in the market to choose from, knowing which one is right and which one not is also a bit difficult. However this article will prove to be rather helpful in this case as here we are going to bring forth some of top colognes brands in the realm.
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A list of some of the best smelling cologne for men

Armani - Acqua Di Gio
The first name which we are going to bring forth to our readers is the Armani- Acqua Di Gio. This is a favorite among many celebrities and socialites. The smell is a beautiful combination of herbs, wood and fruits and the end smell which is emitted is what makes this cologne all the more amazing. So for those who want to smell like the earth, wind, sun or for that matter water, this amazing cologne is definitely the one to go for!

Ralph Lauren - 'Polo Blue

For number two we bring forth the Ralph Lauren- Polo Blue cologne. The smell is crisp and fresh. It also comprises of the scent of fresh air and open waters of New England. There are many users as well as experts who have regarded this as the best smelling men’s cologne in the market. Well on that note for those who want a more out doorish smell, something which reminds them of the sea water, this is the one to purchase.

 Elizabeth Taylor - Passion

This is one of the trademark scents in the market. The smell is a combination of lavender, sandalwood and amber. For all those men who are romantic at heart this is the scent for them to employ. Even the ladies are fond of its smell. So those who are looking out for an ever so appealing smell, to please their women or create an impression ad midst the crowd, simply bring them home.

Azzaro – Chrome

This cologne is characterized by its masculine smell. It is another recognizable name in the world of men’s’ cologne and its enchanting smell is due to the combination of icy, sandal wood, oak wood and rose wood.  The smell is also a bit woody and nutty making is ideal for a date or a romantic dinner with the loved one. The smell is definitely strong, but the best thing is that the person siting next or opposite will not be overpowered. So grab hold of one immediately.
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