Friday, 11 September 2015

What to look for while buying best smelling cologne for men

An introduction:
 Perfect cologne is like a perfect chemistry experiment. These cologne bottles comprise of alcohol and water extracts, oil contents and several other extracts. Various colognes come with different ingredients. The oil contents as well as the extracts mix with the bodily oils and the heat causes it to evaporate leaving aside a unique fragrance.
However with the passage of time and the improvement of technology, companies come up with new and better formulae to make their colognes better to that of their competitors. With so much competition going around the market schematics, finding out the top colognes for men as well as appropriate cologne for men, is a difficult task.
The cologne guidelines:
 So as a result of that here are some effective tips which would prove to be of some assistance to the readers.
The price factor- many hold the view that products which are costly are usually the top colognes for men. Well it doesn’t necessarily have to be so! There are some top-shelf men colognes which are priced at cost-convenient prices. What they can do is do some research and development about the matter and go ahead with a product which they feel comfortable with. However experts feel that people who are not sure about a product should not go for it.
The next factor is the classification; there are several brands of best men’s cologne available in the market which comprise of several genre of fragrances. While some have wood fragrances, some may have a musk odor or a fresh scent. Hence the thing to do here is decide which smell is appropriate for them in terms of their personality. They can try out some brands of various fragrances manually to get the one which is perfect for them.
The third in our list is the strength of the smell and how far it can travel. One which comprises of a stronger smell can be felt from several feet away while cologne which has mild smell can be noticed by people who are just a few steps away. But here is a twist; strong smell does not make the product good. The best products in the market never comprise of over-whelming smell. They are good in fragrance and may last for several hours but it does not prove to be a problem for the person working or standing alongside. The oil content is also extremely important in finding the right cologne. The logic is simple, the more the oil content, the longer will be the smell.
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